Krause Woodworking was established in March 1996. Our craftsmen are skilled artisans, blurring the boundaries between European craftsmanship and contemporary design until there is no division — one becomes the other, like two sides of the same coin. We are detail oriented and take pride in our attention to quality.

Where do we look when sourcing design ideas? Our most important source of inspiration is the personal needs of our customers. We believe in creating individual designs to meet those needs and desires. When you become a customer we prefer to meet with you, listen to your thoughts and work with your design ideas, enabling them and turning these ideas into beautiful reality. We believe that collaboration is key to successful design. Sometimes customer's ideas are our best jumping-off-point towards reaching our own goal of combining uniqueness with functionality and beauty. Other times we have the honour of working with designers and architects, from all over the world.

Whatever our source of inspiration, it is our commitment to our customers that has made us who we are today.